Morrissey’s Feud With Supreme Is Kind of Beautiful

A collaboration between Morrissey and Supreme? What could possibly go wrong? Back in October 2015, the beloved controversialist/singer had his photo taken by, oy, Terry Richardson for a Supreme ad campaign.

Lo and behold, Morrissey hated all of the images and would have preferred to use the one taken by himself (pictured above). Supreme, naturally, refused, leading them to attempt placating the ex-Smiths frontman by choosing from the following options: re-shoot the entire campaign, select a different photo from the ones offered or return the fee he was paid to appear in the ads altogether. Morrissey, being Morrissey, disliked all three choices.

Later on in the feud, however, the dispute became about Morrissey’s “beef” with the NY-based skate brand having promoted White Castle in the past. And the only thing Morrissey hates more than meat is fast food meat.

He then wrote expressly to his fans to state that “the enfeebled photograph of me… was taken in October 2015. I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopedia and I pleaded with Supreme not to use it. This was before I learned that Supreme were sponsored in part by the beef-sandwich pharaoh known as White Castle.” What’s the real story with why you loathe this campaign, Morrissey? Is it because you’re vain and hate the images or you’re noble and hate the enterprise? We may never know. But maybe it’s a little of both. Regardless, the pictures have already been plastered throughout the world.