Miley Cyrus’ New Video For “BB Talk” Will Fuck You Up

Miley Cyrus continues her quest for unbridled musical experimentation with “BB Talk,” a new single from the not so warmly received surprise album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Apart from the overt fetishization of being a “youthful girl” by talking in a baby voice, Cyrus takes it to the next level by speaking her obscenity-laden lyrics in her infant persona.

From humping stuffed animals to overzealously licking a giant bottle of milk, the grotesquerie of Cyrus’ antics are, one would like to believe, intended to show how grossed out she feels when her boyfriend speaks in baby talk (ground that was already well-covered by Samantha in Sex and the City).

So disgusted, in fact, is she by his constant use of the vernacular that she finally screams, “Fuck me so you stop baby talkin’.” The video goes so far off the rails by the end that Cyrus employs the most unpleasant word choice in the English language–“POO POO”–by emblazoning it across the screen, followed by a scene of her smoking weed from a baby bottle-shaped bong. And yes, she was surely high as a kite at the time of this video’s (no pun intended) conception. See for yourself here.


  1. Alex

    Genna, what’s so bad about the word “Poo Poo” ?? It was kinda cute seeing that written as she was inspecting her diaper and mouthing the words 🙂 Also the video is a refreshing look at the adult baby fetish and infantalism.

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