Maybe Lana Del Rey Isn’t The Lost Lamb in Love

All of Lana Del Rey’s music would indicate that she’s the one who tends to get heartbroken in love. And yet, the recent revelation that one of her many boyfriends of the past few years, Barrie James O’Neill of the Scottish band Kassidy, was summarily dumped by LDR via an interview his cousin told him about indicates that maybe the lovelorn chanteuse isn’t the lost lamb in relationships.

Her reasons for ridding herself of the depressive, “broke” rocker? “He is a wonderful person. But there are some things he has to deal with.” This is true of anyone, to be sure. But when you’re a world-famous celebrity, maybe it’s more necessary for your significant other to have his shit together. As O’Neill stated himself, “Looking back, it probably wasn’t easy living with me–I’m an insomniac and I have depression.”

Though it’s generous of O’Neill to protect Del Rey from being vilified for her actions, everyone deserves the courtesy of being broken up with in a benevolent manner. It’s a bit cruel to do it in a way that lets the entire world know about it before you do. And, even now, it still seems Del Rey can’t find romantic satisfaction, as indicated by her latest split from photographer Francesco Carrozzini, who evidently got the toss for not being ready to “settle down.” But, to be honest, this action also appears to be the farthest thing from LDR’s mind as well.