Lindsay Lohan in Sick Note: Hopefully Like A Spinoff of What Happened to Annie James From The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan’s commitment to all things European, especially faulty accents of no distinct nature, has reached a new plateau with her first acting gig since 2015 (unless you count the ten-minute short, Till Human Voices Wake Us) when she appeared on the almost worse than Girls depiction of Brooklyn, 2 Broke Girls, as Claire Guinness. In the two years since then, Lohan has of course kept plenty busy, what with running an Athenian nightclub and helping to rescue Syrian refugees. But clearly, her hankering to do what she was once at least somewhat known for–yes, acting–has at last proven too strong.

And, as a result, we now have Lohan’s upcoming appearance on the second season of Sick Note, created by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz. The premise centers around middling office worker (a.k.a. insurance representative) Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint) being falsely informed that he has a terminal illness and then, after telling everyone in his life about it, discovering he actually doesn’t. He ultimately decides to keep the information to himself so that those in his orbit–particularly his boss and co-workers–will continue being nice to him.

Lohan’s role on the show is to be that of Katerina West, the daughter of Glass’ iron-fisted boss, which, if the only available press photo thus far released is any indication, entails the apple not falling far from the tree. And, on that note, it seems West is something of an extension of (one-half of) the character that launched Lohan into the spotlight back in 1998: Annie James in The Parent Trap. Also the daughter of a rather uptight British person, Annie only seems to learn the ways of letting loose from another–her very own unexpected twin, Hallie. And yes, it appears Lohan has drawn quite a bit of inspiration–at least aesthetically–from Annie. Though one imagines her mastery of the British accent won’t be quite as finely-tuned (children are so much better at sponge-like imitation).