Lily Allen’s Anti-Feminist Campaign Just An Attempt to Get More Dick

Lily Allen’s latest uproar-causing statement: Women are the real cause of misogyny. Her scandalizing assertions arose from her guest editing stint at ShortList and included, among other statements, “We’re all equal, everyone is equal. Why is there even a conversation about feminism? What’s the man version of feminism? There isn’t even a word for it. Menanism. Male-ism. It doesn’t exist.” Allen, whose listening audience is largely female, has taken a huge risk by bandying about these brash generalizations on equality–showing that either 1) She really doesn’t give a fuck or 2) She has no idea what the fuck she’s doing.

Frome the femme-friendly "Hard Out Here" video
Frome the femme-friendly “Hard Out Here” video

While it’s a pretty thought to think that we’re all equal in the current epoch, it’s also utterly delusional. Although, in one respect, it’s easy to see that what Allen is illuminating is the fact that by women constantly making “a thing” about being a woman, we’re only detracting from our cause (a cause that may or may not involve the total destruction of dickheads).

Sticking her tongue out at feminism.
Sticking her tongue out at feminism.

But Allen has gone about her message all wrong. Instead of appealing to women through solidarity, she has pitted herself against them, dubbing them their own “worst enemy.” Not only that, but Allen herself has often sung of the discrimination women must face (most recently on “Hard Out Here,” in which she croons, “Inequality promises that it’s here to stay.”). Her contradictory, somewhat hypocritical stances may be good for publicity, but they’re bad for speaking eloquently on the subject of female business (a title John Waters should consider for the sequel to Female Trouble).

Note some of the topics in this ELLE interview are sexism and feminism, obviously her favorite topics to flip flop on.
Note some of the topics in this ELLE interview are sexism and feminism, obviously her favorite topics to flip flop on.

On the plus side for Allen, she’s probably getting a lot of positive attention from men who agree with her assessment of women. Sure, Allen is married, but it’s always nice to know you’re desired, right?–even if it’s by the likes of Kim Jong-un, who would surely approve of her take on feminism. In spite of Allen being known for her controversiality, this is one of her most polarizing career moves to date–and not likely to be the last as the release of Sheezus looms ever closer.

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