“Like A Virgin,” Re-imagined for the Very First Time–in Venice

If one were to guess as to who would re-make one of the most controversial/upsetting to the Catholic Church Madonna songs of all-time, it’s likely the first conjecture would not be a Catholic nun. But that’s exactly who’s decided to re-make the quintessential M track, “Like A Virgin.” Sister Cristina, a Sicilian-born nun who achieved recognition after her stint on The Voice of Italy, has delighted and taken aback many with her latest song selection.

Feelin' the "virgin"-al spirit
Feelin’ the “virgin”-al spirit
Sister Cristina’s rendition of the 80s hit proves classically delivered, in the style one would expect of a nun. As she stands in the center of various empty rooftops and squares in Venice, one really gets the sense that she either 1) wants to get banged or 2) is just happy imagining it–indeed, that there is more fulfillment in the imagining.
Sisters of the Virgin Mary
Sisters of the Virgin Mary
Delivering a faithful re-imagining of the song, inasmuch as the video takes place in Venice, one wonders whether or not Sister Cristina’s decision to cover the song was full of marketing motive or a simple love for the divinity of the track. Whatever the case, Madonna loves it, as told through her Instagram, and that’s all that really matters.