Lana Del Rey’s “Freak” Video Ain’t That Freaky

For someone as in touch with her inner freakdom as Lana Del Rey, it’s only natural that her latest single from Honeymoon would be “Freak.” But, somewhat unsurprisingly, the video for the song errs on the side of predictability in terms of Del Rey falling back on her go-to emblems and imagery (e.g. California, California flags and hippie garb). Though, for some reason, the story begins with a globe centered on Europe (perhaps a subtle dig at ex-boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini being a freak?).

Taking a cue from the epic length of her ten minute, ten second “Ride” video (which is infinitely better), Del Rey attempts to turn “Freak” into a pithy ten minute, fifty-two second narrative about drug-taking, getting lost in the desert and falling in love with a Charles Manson-esque figure in the form of Father John Misty (who looks a lot like Jim Morrison, LDR’s kryptonite).

In fact, she doesn’t even mind when he gets caressed and loved on by the other hippie children of the seeming cult. It’s all a good time as she drinks from the literal Kool-Aid while perched upon a rock far removed from the norms of society. She even gets carried away with that drink as she lets it drip down the sides of her mouth for an effect that leaves her looking like a voracious Hollywood vampire (side note: if they ever make another version of Bret Easton Ellis’ The Informers, Del Rey should play one of the vampires).

By the end, she and Father John Misty have fully transcended into hippies, which is followed by Del Rey essentially using stock footage of her “Music To Watch Boys To” swimming scenes for the lengthy conclusion that plays Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” (which might be the freakiest element of all). Just when we think something interesting might happen, like two women kissing, nothing does–Del Rey keeps it strictly Bollywood with affection in this video. Sure, it’s visually sumptuous and all that, but with zero narrative chutzpah the way, say, “High By The Beach” possesses. If only she had at least taken the faint homage to the Manson Family at Spahn Ranch vibe to the next level, but then, California already has enough music to beckon to serial killers with.