Lady Gaga Unclear About the Difference Between a Gay Pride Parade and a Mariachi Festival

I guess when “ordinary,” non-symbols of gay iconography see people dressed in mariachi outfits and playing loud music, they would assume that, yes, a pride parade was taking place. But when Lady Gaga, one of the so-called connoisseurs of all things homosexual, can’t discern the difference between Mexican flamboyance versus gay flamboyance, well, it’s a little embarrassing.

Overlooking what is actually a mariachi festival in Chicago
Overlooking what is actually a mariachi festival in Chicago

Putting her love of all things gay on blast by scrawling GAY PRIDE across her torso, Gaga managed to make a mockery of both Mexican and homosexual culture. It’s this sort of laziness that proves many a celebrity just wants to show they’re relevant and semi-give a shit about what’s going on.

Mariachi = gay people in Lady G's eyes
Mariachi = gay people in Lady G’s eyes

While few of Lady Gaga’s own fans seemed to catch on to her mistake, the Chicago Mariachi and Folklórico Festival mockingly posted on their Facebook, “#GagaHasMariachiPride”. If nothing else, at least out of assumption and humiliation, awareness was raised about this underrated festival.

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