Lady Gaga Seems Desperate As She Re-Lights The Fire Of Her Madonna Feud

Lady Gaga has had, let’s face it, something of a downward spiral of late. Between shilling perfume, making shitty albums that rely on Dean Koontz artwork and associating with sleazoid R. Kelly, it’s been a rough couple of years for “Mother Monster.”

Speak no evil
Speak no evil
Thus, her decision to re-open a wound that had only just gotten the salt out of it comes at an all too telling time. Then again, considering it’s been bash on Madonna week, another dig comes as no real shock. In any case, Gaga felt the need to have a little therapy session with an interviewer for, of all rags, People Greece, and express that although she once looked to Madonna as an inspiration, she feels, “If I was an established artist, I would love to help younger artists.” Apart from the fact that Lady Gaga is an established artist and this side comment is from left field, what exactly is Madonna supposed to do to help younger artists, give them a goddamn record contract? She already did a duet with Miley, what more does Gaga want?
Always culling from Madonna's aesthetic canon
Always culling from Madonna’s aesthetic canon
But the slander didn’t stop there as the interviewer goaded Gaga on by asking, “What do you mean, Madonna has no soul?” to which Gaga replied, “You said it, not me!” It’s a reply that almost makes you wonder if Lady G is still seeking vengeance over that whole brilliant “reductive” comment Madonna made when describing “Born This Way.” Unfortunately for Gaga’s imitations and bouts of lashing out, nothing will ever be quite as glibly vitriolic as Madonna sipping from a tea cup and saying, “Look it up.”

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