Kim K: Continuously Solidifying the Notion That You Don’t Need Talent in America, Just a Body

Just when you thought Kim Kardashian had run out of ways to get attention after appearing in a disgustingly maudlin video with Kanye West, having a baby and then marrying Kanye West, she surprises you yet again by causing a more scandalized reaction than her Vogue cover by posing in the buff for Paper, a magazine that’s likely licking her clit for improving their sales.

"Subtle" connotations
“Subtle” connotations
Using famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude–known for his aesthetic collaborations with Grace Jones–to take the artistic helm of the shoot (Christ knows Kim K ain’t got no artistic input), Kardashian is slicked up like a 60s-era Playboy bunny as she wields a bursting champagne bottle that none too subtly references ejaculation.
No stranger to nudity
No stranger to nudity
In the wake of other female celebrities like Keira Knightley taking their clothes off to get noticed, Kim K’s latest display has only served to prove one thing: talent is secondary to your body (which is probably why people hate Lena Dunham, in addition to the fact that her talent is somewhat marginal). As long as you flash your tits or ass in a semi-innovative/”artistic” way, your fame is assured in this country. So thanks, Kim, for continuing to solidify what America is all about.