Kesha’s “True Colors”: A Testament To A Woman’s Strength

The insanity of Kesha’s legal battles starting in early 2014, signaled by her check-in to a rehab center to treat an eating disorder, has had the world watching with bated breath. Her struggle to break free from Dr. Luke’s shackles is no longer a personal battle, but one that represents every female’s, especially those in the music industry.

After performing DJ/producer Zedd’s “True Colors” at Coachella earlier this month, it seemed as though Kesha achieved a newfound catharsis while on stage. Though she has been able to perform in a limited capacity, including a seemingly one-off side project called Yeast Infection, her Coachella performance marked her first high-profile appearance since the legal battle began.

Almost as though Zedd tailor-made the song for her, Kesha–her face swathed by her rainbow-colored hair–belted, “I’ve escaped my capture and I have no master.” It was perhaps in this instant that the duo knew she needed to record her own version of the song. The powerful, reverberating track is Kesha’s ultimate “fuck you, I won’t be kept down” to Dr. Luke, already expressing snarky rage over the recording.

Her fearlessness in the face of constant questioning, incredulity and infinite legal red tape is a testament not only to her own personal strength, but to the general propensity of the female gender to rally in the face of what appear to be insurmountable obstacles rife with emotional damage. And so, to Kesha I say: thanks for proving your fortitude, it’s a help to women everywhere. And “True Colors” is an anthem of overcoming trauma.

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