Kesha: Breaking Free From Dr. Luke’s Shackles

As you may recall from earlier this year, Kesha checked herself into an eating disorder clinic primarily due to a comment from Dr. Luke, in which he stated she was the size of a “fucking refrigerator.”

Oh, the fluctuation
Oh, the fluctuation
After leaving the facility, it seems that Kesha has healed more than just her self-image, but is, indeed, reclaiming her entire self-worth. Upon being discovered (again, it always seems to take a Svengali to get a woman famous) at eighteen by the producer, Kesha entered into a contract that would ultimately lead not just to verbal abuse, but to sexual assault as well. Dr. Luke’s reputation for “making” the careers of young female pop stars like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus doesn’t help to lift the cloud of suspiciousness surrounding Kesha’s accusations of manipulation and psychological game-playing–though of course Dr. Luke is crying defamation of character.
Let's hope so
Let’s hope so
Even if Kesha’s claims were false, Dr. Luke would do well to take the graceful exit and let her out of her contract. Surely there’s someone else he can date rape and still churn hits out of for his own ego-boosting benefit.


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