Ke$ha Goes to Rehab…For an Eating Disorder

Based on Ke$ha’s lyrics, there would be nothing unexpected about her going to rehab. But to go for an eating disorder is more than slightly aberrant. The pop singer, who recently had her fourth number one hit in the U.S. with “Timber,” has admitted that, although she preaches being comfortable with yourself and loving who you are, she’s finding it difficult to take her own advice.

To make matters slightly more dramatic, Ke$ha has also mentioned that longtime producer Dr. Luke was a large (no pun intended) part of the reason for her body image issues. Apparently, the hit-maker responsible for some of Ke$ha’s most beloved songs–including “Your Love Is My Drug” and “Tik Tok”–told her she looked like “a fucking refrigerator” while on the set of one of her videos. In spite of the success of her reality show on MTV, My Crazy Beautiful Life, and the positive reception of the singles from her sophomore album, Warrior, Ke$ha’s preoccupation with her appearance seems to be weighing heavily (again, no pun intended) on her mind, rather than her accomplishments of the past year.

Looking noticeably more emaciated during her "Timber" era.
Looking noticeably more emaciated during her “Timber” era.

One such accomplishment is her recent self-directed video for “Dirty Love,” the latest single from Warrior and the most Iggy Pop-inspired (mainly because it features Iggy Pop–though not in the video). Ke$ha’s independent, feministic persona shines through as she prances about onstage in torn stockings and garters to a room filled with two trannies while shouting, “Don’t complicate it/Don’t tell me lies/I’m not your girlfriend/I ain’t ever gonna be, oh, your wife.” Considering how devil may care she comes across while ultimately letting the two transvestites join her on the stage to dance, you would never imagine Ke$ha to feel anything but secure with herself.

The extent of her eating disorder (whether it’s anorexia, bulimia or simple self-loathing for not looking a certain way) isn’t known. However, her decision to check in to Illinois’ Timberline Knolls Treatment Center (where fellow pop singer Demi Lovato also went for the same issue) for a thirty day stint is a testament to her strength and wanting to back up the courage of her convictions.


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