Karma Officially Disproved by Florida Sex Offender Winning 3 Million Dollars in Lottery

Although it sounds like a headline from The Onion, a Florida sex offender named Timothy Poole has won three million dollars from a scratch-off game. Poole was arrested in 2001 after being charged with sexual battery against two boys under twelve years old. But the charges don’t stop there. Poole, a 43-year-old toad, has been arrested a total of twelve times in the state of Florida for crimes as varied as theft and forgery.

Whatever Buddha, you'd be pissed too
Whatever Buddha, you’d be pissed too
So what is the moral of this story, exactly? Obviously that there’s no karma and you can be just as much of an asshole as you want in America without consequence. The only shame Poole had to endure was the Florida Lottery removing his picture from the website upon discovering he was a creep to the nth degree. Big deal. He still has three million dollars to buy him his weight in kiddie porn and any other perversities his Grinch-sized heart desires.
Perhaps the only consolation in the matter is knowing that someone of Poole’s intellect will invariably squander the fortune at a rapid rate. Or, who knows? Maybe he’ll donate it to a victims of sexual abuse organization. But, using this logic, one would never have assumed a sex predator would win the lottery.