Karma Isn’t Always Helpful to the Person It Needs To Be: Dr. Luke Gets Shafted By Sony

It’s only taken roughly three years since Kesha first filed suit against Dr. Luke for Sony Entertainment to get the message that this, sure, hit-making producer has made them a shit ton of money, but is also a bit of sleazeball. Before they fully caught on to just how skeevy though, the label gave Dr. Luke his own subsidiary, Kemosabe Records, which allowed him plenty of predatory and abusive liberties.

Now, after protests and consistent rallying from fans and fellow artists for Sony to take responsibility for the person it employs, Dr. Luke is finally getting a comeuppance. In the process of renegotiating his contract, the illustrious producer has been removed as CEO from Kemosabe, with his page on the official website also having been removed. And yet, while this might initially be viewed as natural karmic retribution for, among other things, denying Kesha’s accusations by dismissing them as the overblown rantings of a drug-addled pop star and contributing to her eating disorder, it could actually worsen the situation for her.

As Dr. Luke’s own separate case against Kesha for defamation of character mounts, his legal defense team may very well be able to use his termination from the label as grounds for Kesha’s so-called guilt. Meanwhile, her inability to record throughout this legal quagmire is taking away the one outlet that could greatly improve her mental health at the moment. So… still wondering why women are afraid to report verbal and physical abuse?