Kanye West Right On Track for Midlife Crisis at 40

We all have our legitimate fears of aging, of “losing our edge,” as LCD Soundsystem might put it. But for someone like Kanye West, getting older is particularly challenging. For one, onstage antics of a grandiose, “I’ma let you finish, but…” nature just don’t come across quite as entertainingly as they do when you’re at least in your mid-30s. And at a time when you’ve raised a child that screams things like “No pictures!” or a child that might potentially be the antichrist, no one really has the ability to take you seriously–compounded by an aesthetic punctuated with bleach blonde hair or vampire-like eye contacts.

Exhibiting one of the most classic signs of an existential crisis–deleting himself from all facets of social media–further evidence of West’s diminished capacity/search for meaning in a world devoid of it can be gleaned from rumors that he’s imposed a self-exile in Wyoming where he’s allegedly recording new music. Please god, don’t let it in any way be country or folk-inspired. In the meantime, turning forty as of June 8th will either help Yeezy (is that an appropriate name for a 40-year-old?) find the “zen” he so desperately seems to need or further contribute to his ever-mounting spiral into the abyss of insanity. One supposes it’s bound to happen to anyone as burned by Amber Rose in love as he was. In any event, happy b-day to Mr. Kardashian.