Just Do It As the Mantra for Justifying Stupidity

More than any other tag line, “Just Do It” sums up so much of what is wrong with humanity. This false sort of chutzpah peddled by Nike since 1988, when the slogan was first coined, seems to resonate only with the worst possible sects of society. Intended to compete with then popular shoe brands like Reebok that were capitalizing on the aerobics craze of the time, Nike came along and obliterated the competition with its “tough, no sissies allowed” approach, if you will.

Basketball players were used in Nike's Just Do It ads to further promote the notion of greatness and an active lifestyle
Basketball players were used in Nike’s Just Do It ads to further promote the notion of greatness and an active lifestyle
The slogan caught on with Nike’s target demographic–everyone–almost instantaneously, increasing sales by 25% in the U.S. Unfortunately, this mantra quickly became the excuse for Americans to justify their often stupid whims. This assertion is evidenced by anyone you see walking the streets with a “Just Do It” tee on. Really, take a close look at them. They have the sort of false self-confidence that allows people like Donald Trump to run for president.
Candie's parodied the slogan with their own, "Just Screw It"
Candie’s parodied the slogan with their own, “Just Screw It”
Moreover, no one who wears this garb ever seems to actually have a predilection toward fitness and well-being. To them, these are “comfort clothes,” and apparently perfectly acceptable to don as casual wear at restaurants like Applebee’s and The Olive Garden. Yes, the irony in the original intent of what the mantra was supposed to represent is not lost on those who still remember when Nike wasn’t offering up ads of fat kids with the tag, “Find Your Greatness.” Now, that America has slipped so fully into mediocrity, Nike has had to tailor their aim at focusing on “realistic expectations” that will help “athletes” “track their progress.” Also known as: they don’t care who wears their clothes and shoes, fat ass or not. Nonetheless, “Just Do It” remains the urging that continues to inspire lesser beings to believe in the brilliance of their nominal convictions.