Is There A Point to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” Video?

It used to be that people (read: pop culture snobs) would roll their eyes if someone only subtly ripped off the pastiche of a movie from the past. But now, it seems, we’ve embraced a full-fledged frame for frame “re-creation” of a film that was once considered sacred. Model/singer Iggy Azalea’s latest video for the single “Fancy” proves that either 1) We’ve all stopped giving a fuck about a total lack of originality and 2) Singers have reached a point where they can pass “older” material off as their own and appeal to a younger generation that isn’t so aware of the significance said material once had.

The film in question that Azalea “pays homage” to is Amy Heckerling’s Clueless. In it Azalea styles herself as Cher Horowitz and goes about the business of extracting some of the more memorable scenes from this iconic movie. Is there a point? Not really. Does Clueless have anything to do with being fancy? Sure–because there’s still nothing fancier than valet parking. Nonetheless, the video displays an unapologetic shortage of creativity, and it would have Cher totally buggin’/asking Azalea, “Was that you going through my laundry?”


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