Is Falling Down The Simpsons Rabbit Hole Wise?

Everyone’s wanted to challenge himself in some new or exciting way, and most people feel that the best way to do so is by watching every The Simpsons episode in existence. This undertaking is not for the world-weary or faint of heart. It’s either for the fanboy or already lobotomized. On the heels of FXX’s Every. Simpsons. Ever. Marathon, Simpsons World, an app/website/lifestyle choice, launches today, providing on-demand service for every episode in The Simpsons canon.

The Simpsons look like they've fallen down a rabbit hole themselves
The Simpsons look like they’ve fallen down a rabbit hole themselves
As of October 19, 2014, there are 556 The Simpsons episodes each totaling at about approximately twenty-two minutes. I’m no mathematician, but to watch every one would take just over two hundred hours, or roughly nine days. And yes, there are those who would deign to undertake the task in a solid block of time, undoubtedly resulting in 1) pure insanity and 2) probably turning yellow.
Don't fall into the trap
Don’t fall into the trap
But Simpsons World doesn’t just stop at the mere offering of on-demand streaming. It also provides the added distractions of trivia, social media updates and a unique clip finder that helps users pinpoint an exact moment from the series that they’re looking for. Do not succumb to the temptation or you may never leave Springfield.