In Spite of Probably Having No Idea Who Giorgio Moroder Is, Britney Spears Will Collaborate on His Next Album

Britney Spears, who has been detached from her body since 2007, doesn’t know who a lot of people are. But one can be almost certain that she has never heard of Giorgio Moroder in her life. Unless she happened to catch a few songs off the Random Access Memories album from Daft Punk. But, since Moroder is a fan of all things dance, it’s only natural he would “tap” her for his first studio album since 1992.

Single cover for "74 Is The New 24"
Single cover for “74 Is The New 24”
At seventy-four years old, Moroder is having one of the most successful eras of his career. After the name recognition that came with working on Daft Punk’s last record, it makes sense that Moroder would want to capitalize on that fame with a solo album of his own. Though, of course, a “solo” album for Moroder means many, many collaborations.
A seasoned veteran of th music biz
A seasoned veteran of th music biz
Thus, it’s only right that his first single from the album is “74 Is The New 24,” featuring the Italian’s typical brand of seemingly drug-addled production, would give us a small glimpse of what’s to come. One can only imagine what his collusion with Spears will amount to once the single is unveiled. But chances are, she probably still didn’t know who she was working with when they finished recording the song.