Ilana Glazer Proves to Be the Opposite of Her Broad City Character By Getting Married

An undercover secret to many until now, Broad City‘s beloved Ilana Glazer–who plays the similarly named Ilana Wexler–has gone and gotten herself hitched to longtime boo David Rooklin back in February. In case you don’t know who that is, he is a self-declared feminist (see photo below) who also happens to be a scientist doing some post-doctorate work on molecular modeling at NYU. It doesn’t get less Lincoln Rice (Hannibal Buress), Ilana’s TV object of affection, than that.

Ilana Glazer’s hubby

In direct opposition to Wexler’s fast and loose beliefs about monogamy, or rather, lack thereof, Glazer has taken on an institution that, these days, sort of embodies the antithesis of feminism. As such, her secrecy regarding the recent change in her marital status could have just as much to do with maintaining privacy as it does with not jarring Broad City fans about how different she actually is from her character.

Then again, based on Ilana Wexler’s reaction to losing Lincoln to another girl willing to “do” monogamy at the end of season three, perhaps it isn’t going to be that much of a stretch anymore to picture either version of Ilana being a traditional woman with regard to her relationship desires.

One thing that will probably always remain consistent with both Ilanas, however, is their commitment to P*$$Y Weed. It’s part of the getting the creative juices going–especially for scheming. Though in Glazer’s case, the scheme might now be less about how to make her character entertaining and more about how to avoid conventional housewifely duties.