If Kendall Jenner Is So Strong In Her Calvins, Why Does This Ad Make Her Look Like She’s Getting Gang Raped?

Back in March of 2015, when Kendall Jenner was first signed on as the spokesmodel for Calvin Klein Jeans, the campaign maintained a certain 90s Kate Moss cachet before devolving into racier photos when she started modeling for the Calvin Klein Underwear offshoot of the brand. But at least in these photos she actually did appear strong and independent, the antithesis of the latest image to materialize in promotion of the “I  ______________ in #mycalvins” campaign.

The fill in the blank, in this case, is yes, “am strong,” though Jenner seems as though she’s struggling to break free from the clutches of a two-man gang rape. Or maybe she’s just trying to ignore that the only hot men in the room seem to be more interested in fucking each other rather than her.

Whatever the aesthetic interpretation, one thing is clear: there is nothing empowering about this photo. Shot by David Sims, the series promoting Calvin Klein’s “performance” underwear underperforms when it comes to delivering a message that’s self-governing in nature.