How Joan Jett Collaborating With Hot Topic Makes Me Feel

For me, there is no more obvious, more perfect collaboration than that of Joan Jett and Hot Topic–except for Shirley Manson and Hot Topic. Yes, the oft-maligned store is still around, even though it might quite not resonate with you any longer since you left junior high.

Jett swag
Jett swag
Considering Jett was involved in a lawsuit with the light goth retailer earlier this year, it is somewhat surprising that she would come out with a line for them. But, as the old saying goes, “Money talks.” And it’s certainly spoken to Jett, as the pieces from this collection sell for as high as $65 (outlandish by Hot Topic pricing standards).
The Blackheart logo Hot Topic grafted for a lingerie collection
The Blackheart logo Hot Topic grafted for a lingerie collection
Jett stated of the offerings,

We’ve got a black skinny jean with pleather insets and zippers, a couple of motorcycle jackets with lace-up sleeves—one in black, one in red—a black pleather fitted jacket with zippers. You know, that kind of stuff. I have an asymmetrical lace up tank top with pleather lace-up details and a really cool black and red destructed heart sweater, for two layers. And actually, I wear all that stuff, too.”

So basically a punk Renaissance look that suits Jett as well as selling herself to Hot Topic. But their union is all too perfect considering both parties know how to purvey a bastardized form of culture back to the masses. Next thing you know, Jett will have lingerie at Forever 21.


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