Hillary Clinton Loses My Vote By Engaging With Lena Dunham

There are few things Hillary Clinton can do to disappoint a woman. She is, after all, the pinnacle of feminism in the twenty-first century. And yet, her seeming desperation in trying to appear relevant to the “woman of now” by deigning to let herself be interviewed by Lena Dunham has officially lost her my vote.

It isn’t just that Dunham’s particular brand of feminism is utterly, gapingly contrived, but that she represents the sort of privilege Clinton should try to shy away from during this crucial campaigning period. Appealing to those with more hard-hitting problems than how much nudity to show or how much money to spend at an overpriced Williamsburg restaurant is probably Hillary’s best bet during this particularly low-ranking time in the polls.

Yet, for some reason, she’s fallen into the Dunham trap, cajoled into appearing on her lackluster “initiative,” LennyLetter, described as: “your over sharing Internet friend who will yell at you about your finances, help you choose a bathing suit, lamp, president…AND tell you what to do if you need an abortion.”

For the first interview, Clinton engaged Dunham by discussing Lenny Kravitz’ ripped pants (scintillating) and Clinton’s shoulders in her Donna Karan dress at the first state dinner in 1993 (what a great way to make people think women aren’t frivolous).

All in all, the “interview”–though it was really more of a 7 o’ clock gossip show under the guise of politics–only served to weaken Hillary’s reputation as a woman of discernment and substance.