Hello? Am I The Only One Who Thought It Reeked?: The Plight of Ambular

For some people, feeling like the only one who ever seems to see reason is a rare occurrence. For others, like Amber ‘Ambular’ Mariens (Elisa Donovan, who also played her in the TV series when she finally got a last name) of Clueless, being the sole party in a group of twits who have no apparent ability to apprehend anything resembling taste is a constant battle.

What you must do to people who don't understand
What you must do to people who don’t understand
Let’s say, for instance, someone wears something that’s blatantly atrocious and everybody he or she encounters compliments him or her (but probably her) on it, yet you’re the only person who can plainly see that the wearer is ensembly challenged. Or maybe a friend tells a joke among your circle that most find uproarious, while you sit there stone-faced as the sole objective judge of humor.
It wasn't her designer impostor perfume
It wasn’t her designer impostor perfume
These scenarios happen to so many of us suffering from what is known as The Plight of Ambular. Us, the lone voices of reason in a world so lacking in anything resembling decent breeding and the ability to showcase adequate preferences in fashion, food, film, music or just about anything else.
How others look at you when you suffer from The Plight of Ambular
How others look at you when you suffer from The Plight of Ambular
Like Amber, you will be ostracized and condemned for your actions. But be deterred not. Hold steadfast in your beliefs and tastes until they finally prove irrevocably true to all those so far behind in catching up to you and your genius. Sure, you will have to endure hurtful comments like being called a full-on Monet, but if not for you, the world would be filled with the kind of people who wear purple clogs.

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