God Hates Non-Famous Landmarks, Spares The Parent Trap House from Wildfires Raging Near Napa

As one of the few films set in Napa (apart from, obviously, Sideways), the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap stands out not just for its tableau and being directed by the inimitable Nancy Meyers, but for serving as Lindsay Lohan’s film debut. Before this, she was relegated to As The World Turns and being a shill for various Calvin Klein and Jell-O ads. Playing the dual roles of Hallie Parker and Annie James, Lohan showed a depth of range that would soon take second place to substance abuse.

But before the temptations provided by being a star on the rise, Lohan had a scheming job to do on the grounds of the Staglin Family Vineyards, billed as Parker Knoll Vineyard in the film. The winery run by her bachelor father, Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid), provided one of the most alluring reasons for why Elizabeth James (Natasha Richardson) might want to go back to him—and the reason the conniving (and somehow twenty-six years old by 90s standards) Meredith Blake (Elaine Hendrix) puts up with two proverbial snot-nosed twins.

Though the wildfires of Northern California have raged on in a three to five mile radius away, the Staglin Family Vineyards remain untouched, with owner Shari Staglin helping to house those displaced in the rampant evacuations on the sprawling property, which features two mansions in addition to the vineyard itself. With the winds spurring on the fire elsewhere, they haven’t seemed to affect the place where Hallie Parker grew up in movie world, a protective bubble around the property perhaps proving that God is a cinephile. Or simply the last Lindsay Lohan fan after her random show of support for Harvey Weinstein?