Frances Bean Snubs Courtney Love in The Ultimate Way

It’s no secret that Courtney Love has long been persona non grata with her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. And yet, it still somehow seems like a surprising snub for the daughter of grunge to oust her matriarch by not inviting her to her intimate, impromptu wedding.

Frances & Isaiah
Frances & Isaiah

The ceremony, which took place quietly over the weekend among a very select group of no more than fifteen people, was unannounced to Love until after the fact, continuing to prove that Frances Bean harbors more than a bit of ill will toward her drug-addled mother.

Bean's husband, a dead ringer for Kurt
Bean’s husband, a dead ringer for Kurt

Considering the history Frances and Love share in terms of the custody battle that raged on in October of 2003 under speculation of domestic violence, maybe it’s no wonder the child of a 90s icon would opt to exclude her mother from the wedding. Either way, let’s hope Frances’ nuptials prove less tempestuous than Kurt and Courtney’s.