Fran Lebowitz Remains True to Her Glibness Regarding the Wests’ Parenting Skills

Fran Lebowitz once said of children, “I never met anyone who didn’t have a very smart child. What happens to these children, you wonder, when they reach adulthood?” With this quintessential Lebowitz aphorism in mind, her recent jaunt at the Carolina Herrera runway show allowed her to catch wind of North West’s series of tantrums at New York Fashion Week. This report seemed to get the wheels turning in her head regarding what constitutes “enrichment” to a child’s mind. Obviously, Fashion Week doesn’t qualify.

Lebowitz at Fashion Week seated next to Dita Von Teese
Lebowitz at Fashion Week seated next to Dita Von Teese

When asked by one interviewer, “What do you think of the obsession with celebrities in the front row — and celebrities bringing their children to fashion shows?”, Lebowitz was at a loss, remarking, “I can’t say that I think that children really, probably are enriched by going to a fashion show. I think you could wait.”

And yet, they're showing up to fashion shows
And yet, they’re showing up to fashion shows

Of course, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not two “souls” known for waiting. Instantaneous is the name of the game when it comes to the West family, leaving one to wonder if North West’s future self will either loathe or love fashion as a result of being subjected to it at such an early age. Whatever her reaction to the sartorial later on, don’t say Fran didn’t warn her parents about taking two-year-olds to fashion shows.