Forever 21 Pulls an Urban Outfitters-League Move With “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No” T-Shirt

Ah the controversial world of cheaply made clothing. There’s never a dull moment–though the last time we had this much excitement was probably when Urban Outfitters tried to sell a t-shirt with Kent State blood spatters on it. Now, however, it’s Forever 21’s turn to experience some backlash after attempting to get away with purveying a men’s shirt that reads: “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want to Say No.”

Regardless of whether or not this message may have been casually inspired by Justin Bieber’s “What Do U Mean” or not, there is something a bit slimy about whoever gives the approval for such t-shirts to be sold, you know, the kind of t-shirts that place the blame of rape on the woman “asking for it.” No stock apology is ever really adequate, which, in this case was, “Forever 21 strives to exemplify the highest ethical standards and takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by the product.”

It’s always evident that “I’m sorrys” like these stem more from being sorry about not being able to get away with it rather than actual remorse about the content of the clothing itself. All Forever 21 is really iterating is that the type of women who shop there have conflicting feelings about just how much they want to slut it up–yet another reason the female gender should avoid patronizing the chain altogether.