Fashion Week: Does Anyone Still Give A Shit?

Another year, another Fashion Week. And so far, the only exciting thing to happen has been North West’s various tantrums at every runway show. Last year, I had already declared that Fashion Week was donezo, but apparently, no one wants to listen or even attempt to reinvent the wheel. No, no. Instead we must see the same tired designs on the same bored models. But I suppose at least now we’re seeing bored celebrity spawn as well, which has been the most obvious trend of this year’s spectacle.

Pitching a fit--perhaps due to boredom
Pitching a fit–perhaps due to boredom

With Kanye West’s sartorial collaboration with adidas being the height of the fashions people are talking about, times for the once iconic Mercedes-Benz-sponsored event have never been bleaker. Kanye couldn’t even be bothered to get model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner to don the clothes, opting instead for Kylie Jenner. This is likely just one of the reasons North West decided to pitch a fit while seated next to Anna Wintour, who didn’t even bother trying to mask her contempt.

Kylie Jenner disinterestedly modeling Yeezy
Kylie Jenner disinterestedly modeling Yeezy

In other scintillating Fashion Week news, Victoria Beckham made the list for most generous by giving her Fashion Week guests tea in glass cups to make up for the fact that they had to sit through her show on the coldest fucking day in New York City this year thus far. Hardly seems like a fair trade, but such is the curse of being allured by fashion.

Anna Wintour having a moment with the Beckham family at Victoria's show
Anna Wintour having a moment with the Beckham family at Victoria’s show

In other news, Anna Wintour remains the only worthwhile mug in the audience, delivering just the right amount of icy demeanor and no-nonsense wardrobe. The second she stops attending these ego-laden events is the second that Fashion Week finally goes off life support–because that’s exactly what it’s on with all these prop-ups by celebrity clothing lines and shitty street style.



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