Everyone Needs a Dorota

In this life, everyone needs a Dorota. For those unfamiliar, Dorota is Blair Waldorf’s (Leighton Meester) housekeeper/general henchwoman on Gossip Girl. No task is too small or too great for this Polish ninja of domesticity and subterfuge. Holding a certain mystique, Dorota is all about serving the interests of her master.

Dorota: more than a housekeeper
Dorota: more than a housekeeper

The very embodiment of a ride or die bitch, Dorota’s there when you need your feet buffed and when you need your ex rebuffed. Would that we could all be as lucky as Blair, with someone to fulfill our every need, in addition to providing a sounding board when our woes get to be too much and we can’t seem to trust anyone we thought was close to us.

Dorota's loyal to a fault
Dorota’s loyal to a fault

Although Blair may take her for granted, Dorota has the fact that she used to be a countess when she was still in Poland lying in her back pocket. Perhaps this is part of why she possesses such a fondness for Blair’s stately, self-entitled ways–for she, too, understands being royalty. In any case, if you should ever find yourself in the position of having a Dorota, count your blessing every day.