Even In Death, Carrie Fisher Proves Her Endless Ability to Be A Bad Bitch

Yeah, some people still like to tout that drugs aren’t cool, but it still can’t be denied that all the baddest bitches have done them and/or suffered from an alcohol addiction. Case in point, of course, is Carrie Fisher, whose entire career was predicated on self-mocking her struggle with a love for all that would end up being bad for her toxicology report. From Postcards From the Edge to Wishful Drinking, Fisher had no shortage of commentary on her addictive personality when it came to channeling it into taking her broken heart and turning it into art.

Upon her unexpected death in the year that seemed to have it in for everyone–2016–it didn’t seem as though the cause would be chalked up to any of her old bad habits. But one should have perhaps not been so naive as to believe otherwise; after all, she went into cardiac arrest on a plane from London to Los Angeles. That’s a long time for someone like Fisher to be on a plane without drugs. And yet, that’s probably exactly what she did, hence the withdrawal effects. According to the report, Fisher could have done a bump or two roughly three days before her death. Far too much of a shock to her body’s system. Also present in her chemical makeup for added good measure were MDMA, heroin and alcohol (pff, child’s play). Though the coroner’s report chose to remain staid in its interpretation of Fisher’s body content with the statement, “How Injury Occurred: Multiple drug intake, significance not ascertained,” it’s pretty evident that this cocktail was a catalyst toward visiting the reaper. Then again, wouldn’t you be tempted to do coke if you had to be subjected to a visit to London in its current state? Whatever Fisher’s final motives for succumbing to the temptation of a few of her favorite things, one thing remained evident to the very end: she was a true pimp. You know, living out loud, all that jazz (#ProzacUrn).