Drake Is Probably Looking Really Good to Rihanna After Chris Brown’s Latest Antics

Despite the fact that Rihanna was still willing to work with Chris Brown on a track for her seventh album, Unapologetic–aptly called “Nobody’s Business”–back in 2012, it’s safe to say that, at this point, she’s probably well learned her lesson about steering clear of the volatile, rather disgusting being that is her ex-boyfriend.

On the heels of Drake confessing his love for her at the VMAs on Sunday, Brown has been freshly accused of a new form of assault, threatening a woman in his L.A. residence with a gun. Rihanna, who barely dodged the bullet that was a relationship with Brown initially in 2009 after the illustrious domestic abuse incident that occurred between them, couldn’t resist the “bad boy” pull of Brown once again when she foolishly admitted she had gotten back together with the rapper in a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone.

But now, with the public and the police lusting for Brown’s comeuppance, it’s presumable that Rihanna will continue to recoil from this unfortunate aspect of her romantic history, perhaps finally willing to give the “good guy” a chance in spite of how much it clashes with her Instagram handle, @badgalRiRi.