Courtney Love Loses All Sense of Edge By Collaborating With Nasty Gal

Like Joan Jett creating lingerie for Hot Topic, there is some sort of unavoidable trap that women in rock of a certain age seem to fall into when presented with the offer to collaborate with an “edgy” business that actually makes a mockery of their legacy.

The latest example is Courtney Love, who has opted to lend her signature “kinderwhore” 90s look to Nasty Gal for an exclusive line of clothing and, presumably, accessories. While it’s understandable that Love would be inclined to accept any moneymaking opportunities available to her, it is completely antithetical to that 30-year-old belting out the rage of songs like “Violet” and “Rock Star” while declaring, “I’m not a woman, I’m a force of nature.”

Any “force of nature” worth her weight in rage and rebellion could resist a deal with Nasty Gal, which is, yes, noted for being a feminine beacon of hope thanks to its founder, Sophia Amoruso, who said that her target audience is a girl who’s “into fashion but her taste doesn’t just apply to what she wears: It applies to food, interior design, and travel. She wants to have awesome experiences and be the best-dressed girl around–without spending an arm and a leg.” This really doesn’t sound like the crack-addled Love of the 90s on which the clothing line is supposed to be based.