Corrado “Head Giver” Soprano & the Comment on Oral Sex in the Modern Age

When it comes to the old school mentality, nothing is more antiquated than a man who doesn’t give head. In season one of The Sopranos, Corrado “Junior” Soprano (Dominic Chianese), the mafia boss of the moment, explains to his current girlfriend why he doesn’t want her to go around touting that he’s an incredible oral pleasurer.

Just a teddy bear underneath
Just a teddy bear underneath
The exchange between them is as follows:

Corrado’s girlfriend: “Corrado, why the big secret?”
Corrado: “About what?”
Corrado’s girlfriend: “Oral sex. What’s so terrible about pleasing a woman?”
Corrado: “Do you always have to talk about everything?”
Corrado’s girlfriend: “Well I wanna know why.”
Corrado: “It’s complicated.”
Corrado’s girlfriend: “Yeah but why?”
Corrado: “Why? Because they think if you suck pussy you’ll suck anything.”
Corrado’s girlfriend: “Oh you’re kidding.”
Corrado: “It’s a sign of weakness. And possibly a sign that you’re finuc.”
Corrado’s girlfriend: “A fag? That’s ridiculous. How would the two even translate?”
Corrado: “What are you gonna do? I mean, I don’t make the rules.”

Most likely fearing he would be deemed gay for going to prison
Most likely fearing he would be deemed gay for going to prison
When Tony (James Gandolfini) hears the rumor about his uncle (told to him by his wife, Carmela, who heard it from someone else at the nail salon), he immediately loses respect for him. Apparently only required to give Carmela head once a year, Tony can’t get behind a boss who would lower himself (literally) to that level.
Opposing views on head-giving
Opposing views on head-giving
The misogyny that reigns in any mafia organization allows for the propagation of archaic beliefs about how a woman should be treated in the bedroom. In the old days, the pleasure of a man was the entire goal of sex. Many still seem to have forgotten that quid pro quo is the name of the game when it comes to modern fucking. And yet, one can’t help but think that the Corrado and Tony Sopranos of the world aren’t as few and far between as they should be.