Continue to Hate Azealia Banks All You Want, She Keeps Releasing 90s-Inspired Dance Brilliance

Azealia Banks has not been a favorite of late, especially among everyone’s bread and butter audience, the gays. Her controversial comments, including wanting to retaliate against her gay fans in the face with pepper spray, have undoubtedly vastly diminished her number of supporters. And let’s not forget her latest scandalizing statement about voting for Donald Trump because “I only trust this country to be what it is: full of shit. Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House.” Redundancy aside, Banks keeps her opinions as blunt as possible, which shines through in her latest single from the forthcoming Fantasea II album, “The Big Beat.”

Possessing the same 90s dance/house vibes of “1991,” “The Big Beat” offers subtly cutting lyrics that only Banks could come up with as she raps, “Shining diamond/All your facets/You’ve so many faces/But your evil smile will convince anyone who sees.” Banks’ understated vitriol pairs well with her urging to “Dance to the big big beat.”

But more than a call to action for her listeners to dance to the beat, the song is a way to dangle her (somewhat waning) success in front of her detractors as she mocks, “How could that little young bitch from the ghetto hit the jackpot, ran off with the cash pot?!” Asserting that this is people’s opinion of her, Banks remains defiant in the face of criticism, laughing all the way to the dance floor as she persists in enraging just about everyone. But she knows exactly what you need: “a taste of ecstasy.” Get hooked here.