Charli XCX Slightly Amends Her Sound (And Look) For A More J-Pop Feel With “Crazy Crazy”

As Charli XCX continues to leave us in anticipation of her forthcoming third album, she has found the time to sate fans with a collaboration with Japanese model/singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and DJ/record producer Yasutaka Nakata. Prior to this, her first single from an as of yet untitled record, “After the Afterparty” (accompanied by a zombie motif’d video) was released at the end of December. Another track–even if it isn’t a solo one–seems reassuring of things to come. And, indeed, if Charli XCX mirrors the sound of “Crazy Crazy,” everyone’s sure to come away happy from her latest effort.

Opening with an overhead shot above the drum machine played by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the camera then cuts to the back of a Sailor Moon-esque girl we quickly learn is Charli XCX in all her blonde pigtailed glory. The song jumps right into the lyrics, “I’m crazy/going crazy/feet are lifted off the ground,” against a jubilant J-pop tinged musical background.

Though the setting of the video takes place merely within one giant loft space, the graphic effects and Yamaha product placement is enough to keep one entertained throughout. Unexpected costume changes on all three that include everything from a French maid to a sushi chef also add some visual pizzazz.

Overall, the effect of the video mirrors the song, infusing an invariable spring in your step as you, too, start to feel a little dizzied with craziness.