Cate Blanchett Proves Drag Is Just A State of Mind With Stonewall Performance of “You Don’t Own Me”

Cate Blanchett, arguably fitting into that hyperbolic category of “the greatest actress of our time,” took a moment from her schedule of creating silver screen enchantment by paying homage to both the drag queen art of lip syncing and possibly the final scene of The First Wives Club by singing a bawdy rendition of “You Don’t Own Me” by Dusty Springfield at the famed Stonewall Inn on Monday.

Those fortunate enough to be in attendance got the chance to see Blanchett in all her coattail glory were treated to a dripping-in-glamor performance to benefit some of the much needed organizations right now that can maybe protect us all from our current government.

Being suggestive as only a drag performer can, Blanchett was introduced as follows: “If we can close down the cans and just do a very, very, very tight spot for this young–this lovely lady.” Correction about her youth aside, there’s no doubt Blanchett has a very tight spot indeed. Wearing her chandelier diamond earrings and sporting a gold one-piece ensemble, Blanchett owned the stage as well if not better than any true drag queen.

This was succeeded by another appearance by Blanchett with more drag queens still for a reworked rendition of “Hello” by Adele, in which one of the lyrics was: “When I call Paul Ryan, he never seems to be home anymore.” Maybe he’ll make it a point to be now that he knows Cate Blanchett could be in the mix. In any case, Stonewall Inn once again proves why so many still value it as an institution.