Can Kesha Make This Yeast Infection Last?

It’s no secret that Kesha has been feeling a bit oppressed lately (flaunted most recently by her “Fuck the World” tattoo). Amid the ongoing legal battle she’s been having with Dr. Luke–who Kesha has accused of sexual assault and verbal abuse that led to her eating disorder–the pop songstress found a way to continue “making noise” as she called it at a secret show at a venue called Springwater in Nashville on December 23. The catch? She performed with a band under the moniker Yeast Infection.

Whether this is part of a legal loophole for Kesha to be able to perform or simply a general fuck you to Dr. Luke, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that Kesha delivered a bluesy, Janis Joplined out performance in a simple Beavis and Butthead shirt and jeans. Her rendering of “Blow” turned into soulful expression followed by “Timber,” transformed into a folksy ditty fitting for a Tennessee audience.

While it’s somewhat disappointing that no new material was performed, perhaps the existence of Yeast Infection is an encouragement to fans who expect to hear more from the legally embattled Kesha in the near future. Plus, just think of the album title potential under the Yeast Infection name: Monistat, Flaming Vagina, Candida, Wet Crotch, etc. Whatever Kesha decides for her musical future, one hopes Yeast Infection is a not just a flash in the pan.