“Brooklyn Girls”: Designed to Make You Want to Leave Brooklyn If You Live There, Move There If You Don’t

Just when you thought Lana Del Rey was putting Brooklyn on blast too much, this rando named Catey Shaw comes along and one-ups her tenfold with a little ditty called “Brooklyn Girls.” Billed as being a similar sort of guilty “pleasure” as Katy Perry’s (yet another Katy who seems content in ruining a location) “California Gurls,” “Brooklyn Girls” is likely to make you cringe if you live in the North BK nexus and lure you there if you’re from the Midwest/West Coast.

Catey Shaw, embodying the cliche of everything that's wrong with Brooklyn
Catey Shaw, embodying the cliche of everything that’s wrong with Brooklyn
With embarrassing lyrics like, “Brooklyn Girls/tough and pretty/rule the world,” one is inclined to wonder if tarring and feathering is still unwarranted in such a case as this, considering the only way a Brooklyn girl rules the world is in faux pretentiousness and contrived street style. But wait, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Shaw name checks the L train.
Ah, but it does get worse, because Shaw apparently moved to Brooklyn “a little over a year ago,” begging the question, “Whatchu know bout dat lyfe?” Further capitalizing on the brand that has become Brooklyn, Shaw will be releasing the single on an album called The Brooklyn EP. So move over Lena Dunham, there’s someone new to blame for the promotion of gentrification. If the over exposure continues, it seems like longtime residents are going to get that much closer to surrendering their land to the transplants.

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