Brooklyn Baby: Michelle Williams Continues to Assert Herself as the Real Estate Guru of the Borough

Just when you thought Michelle Williams had lost her Brooklyn cool cachet to Christina Ricci, who recently bought a house beneath the BQE, she goes and proves that leaving Boerum Hill was the best thing she could have done to assure her place as the real estate guru of the borough.

Exterior of Williams' new home
Exterior of Williams’ new home
The widow, who hasn’t appeared in a major film since 2013’s Oz the Great and Powerful (though she did come out with the under the radar Suite Française earlier this year), purchased a 114 year old mansion-esque home in remote and quaint (for now) Ditmas Park. Fetched for a cool 2.5 million dollars, the hulking edifice has been billed as a “fixer-upper,” though it doesn’t seem like all that much needs to be changed (except for the presumably haunted ambience).
One of many sweeping interiors the home has to offer
One of many sweeping interiors the home has to offer
Located on Albemarle Road, the place for property to be seen in Ditmas Park, it’s no surprise the the home was originally built by a lumber dealing baron named J.C. Woodhull (no connection to the horrid hospital of the same name?). It was clearly designed to say, “Look at me.” But in a modest way. Thus, it’s perfect for Williams. Or Lana Del Rey.