Britney’s Drug-Addled Past Crops Up Again

As news of Britney Spears’ ninth album continues to send fans into a frenzy, another sect of current reports have dredged up Spears’ sordid 2007-2008 era. Former “friend” and manager Sam Lutfi’s lawsuit against Britney over unpaid earnings has forced the pop star and her legal team to revisit a particularly messy period (a rather gross term, yes) in her life and career.

Starting with her trainwreck “Piece of Me” performance at the 2007 VMA’s in September, it was evident to the public that Britney was initializing an epic breakdown. Her susceptibility to suggestion and recent failed marriage to Kevin Federline found her in the hands of Lutfi, who later openly confessed to Spears’ mother that he would grind up her prescription pills in her food and insisted that Spears’ boyfriend at the time,  Adnan Ghalib, was actually gay. In another cruel account, it was revealed that Lufti would hide Spears’ dog, London, and bring it out only when Spears’ started to cry, acting as though he had been her knight in shining armor by finding the dog for her.

The toxic (no pun intended) relationship made Spears feel as though she was dependent upon Lutfi, spurring on her drug use and out of control behavior. It wasn’t until 2009 that Spears and her father filed a restraining order against Lutfi and Ghalib. While Spears’ road to recovery has been a long one, she’s more than proven that some semblance of sanity remains. Thus, it’s unfortunate for her to have to dredge up this part of her past once again, after working so hard to get away from it. But, as Kesha will confirm, men are dicks.