Britney + Vegas = Over

For those of you who were sitting on your chance to see the legendary Miss Britney Spears in Vegas, your time is officially expired. Spears’ beloved stage show, Piece of Me, made its debut at the AXIS in Planet Hollywood in December of 2013–hard to believe it was almost four years ago now–and is about to come to a close the same month on New Year’s Eve in 2017. Her successful residency initially spelled career death to some depreciators, but Brit proved her worth in the weight of cold hard cash, raking in over 103 million dollars as of February.

Not only has the show been financially profitable, but has even lent a splash of creativity here and there to Spears’ choreography and song catalogue. Reworked for a February 13, 2016 premiere for her extension of the original run of the show, Spears added tracks fans rarely got to experience live, including “Breathe on Me,” “Touch of My Hand” (clearly, these two choices indicate her Sagittarian predilection for sexual appetites) and, bizarrely, her cover of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” (which she once believed was a Pat Benatar song).

Through all the changes and the repeat faces bombarding her in the front row, Spears got the one thing she always coveted when she first saw Celine Dion’s famed Celine residency at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace: a sense of permanence. And while most people can’t (nor should they) spend more than two days in Vegas, Spears remains a faithful enthusiast of Sin City, remarking, “I figured it’d be a really good place for the children and the family. It was kind of like an ideal situation.”

Yep, only Britney could turn Vegas into a family-friendly location while still delivering on her seductress side nightly for the past few years. In any case, if you don’t catch her in Vegas, maybe try Tel Aviv this summer?