Britney Predicted Being Cheated On With “Perfume”

Arguably the sleeper hit of Fall 2013, the Sia-penned track “Perfume” appeared on Britney Spears’ eighth album, Britney Jean. In the wake of the revelation that Spears has once more been fucked over in matters of the heart, “Perfume” takes on a whole new prophetic meaning as a result.

In times of bliss
In times of bliss
Spears, who began dating David Lucado in February of 2013, seemed unable to contain her love of average joes yet again by choosing to fall for this particular breed of person (a.k.a. someone with a /bartender in their list of job titles). Whether it was feminine intuition, a distinct fear of abandonment as a result of K-Fed or a song about another former boyfriend (e.g. Jason Trawick), Spears seemed to somehow know what the fates had in store for her. Whatever the case of inspiration may have been, listening to “Perfume” is all too real as Spears frets over “mark[ing] her territory.”

Granted, the woman Lucado cheated on Spears with, Cali Lee (a porn star, in case you weren’t in the know), was hardly an “ex-girlfriend” serving as the annoying, ever-present source of competition, Spears undeniably felt the sentiment: “Sometimes it feels like there’s three of us in here baby/So I wait for you to call and I try to act natural/Have you been thinkin’ ’bout her or ’bout me?” Evidently, Lucado was thinkin’ ’bout her instead.


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