Art Truly Is Subjective: Robin Leach Buys Britney Spears’ Infamous Flower Painting for 10K

They’ve always said art is subjective–yet is it, really? Because, objectively speaking, a piece of art ought to “move” someone, to use a banality. And, in all honesty, can any of us genuinely corroborate being moved to feel much of anything upon gazing at Britney Spears’ floral-inspired contribution to the Vegas Cares benefit held at the Venetian to raise funds for victims of the Las Vegas massacre? Other than perhaps surmising that someone made this in art therapy while in rehab.

It would seem, apparently, that, for Robin Leach, the answer is an emphatic yes. The former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host continued in his stead as doing what he does best for the event: hosting. And, like any polite host, Leach auctioned the painting made iconic by Spears primarily for the Instagram video that documented the “process” to himself. For ten thousand dollars. While, sure, the hallowed hand of Spears was made immortal enough in the lyrics to “Touch of My Hand,” the painting “style” that hails from it looks like, at best, mock-up designs for her next perfume packaging and, at worst, the creation of her unborn daughter (not to get all genderist by saying one of her sons couldn’t have done it too).

Regardless of the painting’s existence being put toward a worthy cause, it certainly does open up a floodgate of potential for other celebrities to start channeling their “skills” into mediums of the more traditional artistic bent under the guise of being altruistic. What’s next? Still life by Brad Pitt to benefit the victims of the next hurricane? No, no. Please leave the painting to those whose original pursuit in life it was to do so. Oh wait, there aren’t any left. It doesn’t pay the bills as much as being a pop star (or actor or “personality”).