And I Will Always Hate Lifetime: The Network That Keeps Making Shitty Movies About Dead People

After the back to back shame and embarrassment of The Brittany Murphy Story and Aalyiah: Princess of R&B, Lifetime is back to give and receive more agony with a biopic about Whitney Houston.

The trailer for the Whitney Houston biopic looks rife with melodrama
The trailer for the Whitney Houston biopic looks rife with melodrama
Perhaps Lifetime is genuinely banking on the credibility of Angela Bassett as a director in order to make this film somehow seem like a legitimate tribute to Whitney Houston, though this seems unlikely when considering that former America’s Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta has been cast in the lead role.
Called simply Whitney, the trailer tells us that drugs, Bobby Brown and self-loathing will be heavily featured. But it appears as though very little emphasis is put on the talent Houston possessed–because Lifetime only gives a shit about the melodramatic aspects of people’s lives. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even bother making movies. Clearly, Ray this is not. However, it will provide many with the requisite amount of trash TV they need to watch for the entirety of 2015, as the movie premieres on January 17th. In the meantime, ask yourself why Elizabeth Taylor, Brittany Murphy, Aaliyah, and now, Whitney Houston, didn’t deserve proper Hollywood budgeted biopics about their lives. Is it just because they were cursed with the sort of melodramatic lives that Lifetime lusts after? Or because the network is following a specific pattern (old white woman, young white woman, young black woman, old black woman)?

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