A New Truth To Why Ilana from Broad City Really Stores Her Weed in Her Vag

Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) is arguably the most iconic female stoner after Anna Faris as Jane F in Smiley Face. By the second episode of season one, “P*$$Y Weed,” Ilana had already established herself as the ultimate connoisseur not just of what and how to smoke, but where to store it. Specifically, to use her term, “nature’s pocket.”

And now, it seems, women even of the non-stoner variety might start using that pocket a whole lot more based on a recent cannabis innovation tailored specifically to relieve period cramps by using weed as a suppository in the pelvic region.

That being said, after Ilana comes over to smoke Abbi out (in the nick of time, too, as Bevers has just thrown away all of her Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons), Abbi is horrified to see Ilana put her hand deep within the reaches of her underwear and pull out the required stash.

But Ilana, trailblazer that she is, was on to something. Beyond just a “moist, damp” storage area, the vagina is more tailored to weed than we’ve ever before given it credit for. As Ilana points out to Abbi after she’s forced to conceal her stash upon encountering police in the subway, “Give it a couple of minutes and I’m telling you, you’re gonna enjoy yourself as well. I’m telling you once it settles, it starts to hit different points.”

The suppository form, does, indeed, increase pleasure, getting the vagina totally lit, which adds to a heightened sexual experience–whether by yourself or with others.  Ilana’s urging, “I really think you should put your weed in your front hole. It’s too dank to be out in the air, I’m telling you,” is not without wisdom. And, as it turns out, you can also put weed in your backside too–for those more prone to cramping in the lower back area. But, in truth, we know it’s all about the front. Thus, as Ilana long ago insisted, “The vaya-nya [really] is nature’s pocket.”

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