50 Cent Has A TLC Moment

It is often wondered how rappers and hip hop artists could possibly go broke when considering the lifestyle they promote both in their music and music videos. But the latest example of such a phenomenon, 50 Cent, proves that there’s a lot of overhead to being fabulous.

50's mansion, once upon a time
50’s mansion, once upon a time

If his purchase of Mike Tyson’s home mansion in Connecticut (as showcased on MTV Cribs) wasn’t an indication of the way he was spending his money, then certainly his Lamborghini and the fistfuls of cold hard cash stored in the trunk was. But alas, even a sound investment in Vitamin Water that returned him 500 million dollars isn’t enough to save his lifestyle.

No more fistfuls of cash in the Lambo
No more fistfuls of cash in the Lambo

Just as TLC suffered the humiliation of filing for bankruptcy back in 1995 (albeit for more legitimate reasons, like a shitty record deal), so too, must 50 Cent endure the shame of announcing his financial shortcomings to the world. But again, the differences between his situation and TLC abounds as TLC was at the top their game when they were forced to cash out. With 50 Cent, the desperation seems far more pronounced. How can we ever listen to the lyrics, “Would you love me if I was down and out?” without feeling nothing but endless pity now?